Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. What is the file format of the MS Project File? What databases is it compatible with?

It is in MS Project 98 format. It is compatible with MS Access. One simply exports to Excel in Excel 95 format and then imports into Access. Additionally, MS Project 98 data can be exported to HTML and ASC2 formats.

  1. How can I be sure that the SOPs will meet my needs?

Review the supporting information provided such as the purpose of each sop (which shows scope) and a list of the forms that are provided with each sop. By reviewing the list, you will have a good idea regarding the process described in the sop. Also, look over the sample SOPs and Forms. Additionally, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Simply send them to or call 410-339-5307.

  1. We don't want to do more than we need to do. How scalable (editable) are the procedures?

They are scalable at both the process and the project level. It is scalable at the process level by the SOPs. They are ready to go. You just read them; change any shall to should or may. Add company specific information. If desired, you can delete information. And then just sign and start using. They are scalable at the project level through the plans, particularly the Design Control, Design and Development Plan. There are over 3000 tasks in the tickler list. Naturally, no one would want to or need to do them all. Just select those that are pertinent for a new major project or those that are pertinent for a minor correction. Then double click on the unneeded items and they are hidden for that project. Sign the plan and you are ready to go. Even projects that have been started can use these plans. Just convert the current tasks into the Design and Development Plan and Voila! suddenly the whole company is on their way to being compliant to Design Controls.

  1. Do we get an electronic copy?

Yes,  soft copies are provided. Once payment is received, files can be  transmitted electronically for fastest delivery. 

  1. How does Risk Management fit into the process?

Risk management helps a company determine where to put their work effort. For instance, it helps a company to answer the question, "What is enough documentation?" By focusing on the risks or hazards associated with a product, the company can determine where to put the most work and documentation effort. The risk management standard operating procedures help a company to determine the risks and hazards.

  1. How inter-dependent are the SOPs?

There are some interdependencies on related concepts, such as Design Controls but they are straightforward. You can always order additional individual SOPs if you determine that there is a gap in your existing procedures.

  1. How do I proceed? 

You can order on-line or call us at 410-339-5307. We will start the processing immediately.


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